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Indian wedding photographer Paul Tak

I requested my instagram followers to ask me any questions about me and my journey with photography, here are some the the clean questions asked.

Indian wedding photographer Paul Tak

Q. So who is Paul Tak?

A. I am is a British Born Indian, who was born in London and moved to Birmingham in 2010

Q. What cameras do you use?

A. I use Nikon D750s have done since they launched in 2014.

Q. Will you be moving over to Sony?

A. Clearly this question was from a photographer, the short answer is No.

Q. Whats you real name?

A. Yes Paul Tak is my nick name given to me as a kid, only few in the Indian wedding photography Industry know my real name. But for now I will leave this as a mystery. (Google my company you will find my real name)

Q. Who is your biggest artistic inspiration?

A. Great question well with so many great wedding photographers out there all are amazing, If i had to pick one then its Keda.z

Q. What was your first wedding like under your own brand?

A. Well my first Asian wedding under my own brand was back in 2010, not gonna lie i made some mistakes but have learnt from them, I was very nervous but the couple who booked me knew it was my first job under my own brand, I must of done a good job as was recommend to their friends for their wedding. I must add before photographing for my own brand I was shooting for another photographer who helped me.

Q. How long did it take to find your style?

A. Personal I don't think I have a set style, however I always try to keep am image timeless with no fancy presets

Q. Will you ever go 100% natural light shooting over off camera flash?

A. Natural is great and so is off camera flash, the answer is no as all depends on the situation on the day and what mood i want to create with the image

Q. Of all the photos you've ever taken which one is your favourite?

A. This is a very hard question, as all the images on instagram are my favourites. If i was to choose one it would be the one i have taken of my Kids all together.

Q. Let's Smash out a collaboration destination shoot?

A. Is that a question or a command? happy to work along anyone and anywhere.

Q. How big is your lens?

A. Well joke aside the biggest lens I have is the Nikon 70-200 Mark 2

Q. Most embarrassing moment?

A. Has to be when i fell into the stream on a pre shoot, I helped the couple and my assistant over the stream then splash, I slipped went in

Q. Can you please change to Canon

A. No I have invested way too much in Nikon lenses, and I actually prefer Nikon layout of their cameras

Q. Whats your favourite lens?

A. Has to be the 70-200

Q. How did you grow your business and have consistent bookings

A. Starting in Indian wedding photography is not easy, it took me 11 years to get where i am today. (my dad has a saying "For the first 5 years the business will eat you, after that you can eat from the business). What really helped my business grow is customer service and after service, I am from a retail background and worked for a company that put customer services before sales. I learnt a-lot from them and use the same ethos. provide the best customer service and people will recommend you to others, At weddings interact with guests don't be upset that they are taking photos on their camera/phones after all they are also part of the celebration. When guests see us they remember us in two ways in a negative or a positive vibe, you want to be in the positive vibe, most of my bookings come from weddings where i was the photographer.

Q. Favourite venue you have shot at?

A. I can truly say I don't have a favourite.

Q. How did you start out? what was the first thing you did?

A. I started by going with another photographer who was willing to let me tag along just so I could see what the job was like, first thing I noticed was the long hours and the responsibility after in making sure all the images are backed up and stored in more than one place. Once I was confident enough, I then became a second shooter for the same photographer, at the same time I opened up business.

Paul Tak Photography LTD is a Birmingham based Indian wedding photographer for London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Manchester, Derby, Leicester also covering all of the UK and international destinations

Specialising in Sikh, Hindu & Muslim Weddings

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