Harpreet's Wedding Malaysia Part 3 The Wedding Day

Where do I start, well first of all sorry its taken me a long time in writing this blog, 2019 was a very busy year so honestly didn't have much time, however 2020 was even worse had loads of time but I had to close the business due to the virus, the dreaded Coronavirus known as Covid-19.

Right thats enough about covid-19 for now am sure i will mention it again one day.

This is Day 3 of my destination wedding in Malaysia, wedding are a little different compared to the UK sikh weddings, the start of the day is like any other wedding, where we capture the groom getting ready for his big day which is followed by some shoots of the groom in his wearing gear. it's was then to family shots, Harpreet must be well loved as the house was full of friends and family who all wanted pictures with the groom, once everyone had their pictures taken it was time for the Kalgi ceremony.

After everything was done its time to head off to the temple to be greeted by the brides side this is called a Milni, in the Uk its often done by many family members, however in Malaysia it's only done by the fathers. Once the Milni was done the groom sat down for breakfast where the brides sister removed the grooms Sehra, again in the UK this part is done by the grooms sister.

Once everyone has eaten their breakfast it's time to make your way in to the temple it's self where the wedding ceremony will take place, once everyone has entered the groom makes his entrance with his family and sits on the mens side, followed by the bride and her family with the bride sitting on the ladies side, sight difference in the uk, the groom enters and sits on the mens side and this then instructed to sit at the front waiting for the bride and when she makes her entrance she then sits beside her groom at the front.

The wedding ceremony is the same as in the UK where you go around the holly book 4 times, but then things are again different compared to the UK the Shagan is done by the bides side only in another room leaving the groom to mingle with his family, in the UK both bride and groom remain sitting and all the guests line up to give Shagan this is normally with Money.

Once the ceremony is over it was time for a really quick couple shoot (5 mins), as we had to get to the mini reception, main reception we the next day, the Newly married couple made their entrance, cut the cake, then sat down to eat, while the guest began to eat, it was time for a couple of speeches followed by performances by family members, this didn't last that long as it was time for the Doli, the groom arrived with his bride to her house, in the UK the groom arrives with his family to come and pick his bride, this is where the brides family stop the groom from entering, he can only enter if his pays a sum of money or has to complete challenges.

The groom at this point has sat down with his bride and the brides parents give the happy couple their blessing, while this was happening the best man was cornered by the sisters of the bride where they applied makeup on him, i'm sure this is a day we will never forget. Soon as the sisters were done with the best man it was time for the bride to leave the family home to start her new life with her husband, the bride throws rice behind her as she leaves and heads in the car, goes around the block and returns and makes her way back in to her family home, while this is similar to how its done in the uk the only difference is that once the bride leaves the house with her husband she goes straight to her new home. So the bride and groom have returned to the brides house after going around the block, from here the brides family hug the bride and the tears start, she is leaving her family behind and the home she grew up in, to start a new life with her husband she is escorted to the car and is given a farewell.

The bride and groom finally arrive home where they are greeted by the grooms side, they both step out the car and celebrate by having a little dance, why not its a happy moment, next is the Paani Vaar, where the grooms mother welcomes the happy couple. once inside the family give their blessings to the happy couple, this is now the end of the day. (rest up as main wedding reception was the next day)

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