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OMG, the news the wedding industry needed landed on the 22nd February 2021.

Which was no restrictions on weddings from the 21st July 2021, providing all goes to plan with the roadmap announced by the UK Prime minister Boris Johnson.

Its been very hard for the industry due to covid-19 with many businesses struggling to make ends meet, some have taken loans to help their business stay afloat, some have adapted their business to keep trading and some have had no work or income at all and are on their knees.

Since 3.30 pm on the 22.02.21, my phone suddenly came back to life after a long year of almost silence, what a fantastic feeling talking to everyone again, for the first time I could hear joy and hope in their voices.

So what was the plan to ease out of lockdown for good! well below is a basic breakdown for weddings

Step 1 from the 8th March weddings can restart with 6 people only, this is ideal for couples who just want to get married.

Step 2 from 12th April* weddings can have 15 guests

Step 3 from 17th May* weddings can have 30 guests

Step 4 from 21st June* no restrictions on weddings and can be over multiple day's (a typical Indian wedding)

*All this is depending all goes to plan with the roadmap (finger crossed)

Now am not gonna say this is gonna be easy to move all my couples to new dates in 2021, but I will work dam hard to fit everyone in even if I have to work all hours of the week. With this, in mind, I would advise any couples either moving dates or wanted to look at getting married after the 21st June, to start thinking about weekday weddings, the reason being is weddings that were booked for 2020 most were moved to 2021 and spread over the year now the same weddings are now moving their dates after 21st June, this is where we need to be flexible, as all vendors are now squeezing 18 months of jobs into 6 months, this is a mammoth task for any vendor.

Please stay safe for now, I am really looking forward to seeing my couples and all the vendors again.

I have used pictures below from pre-Covid weddings, as one day this will be the norm again.

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