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As you may know, the Asian wedding industry has taken a massive blow due to the Covid-19 virus.

Most of the wedding industry had to evolve or face closing, now closing is not an option as these are people's only source of income.

March 2020 the bombshell dropped we all were in lockdown for 2 weeks due to the coronavirus covid-19 spreading fast, am sure everyone thought great 2 weeks off on full pay then back to work, I know I did, then the nightmare started extension after extension of the lockdown with no end in sight. Then the best news the wedding industry received, weddings can now take place, however no receptions this then moved to receptions with sit-down meals with limited numbers, which meant wedding DJs still can't work yet most of the wedding industry could in some way.

Now to chat about the actual topic as the title of the blog says "what about wedding DJ's"

All wedding DJ's have not worked a single day since lockdown and my heart goes out to them all, yes there is government help if you can get it (let's not open that can of worms), but like almost everyone whos working, this provides an income to help pay bills and provide a roof over our heads. Yes, we are all in this together I hear that and I'm not taking anything away from other businesses that are struggling too, it's just everywhere I look on social media, I don't see much about Wedding DJs who are also struggling.

Let's face it without a DJ at a wedding reception it's not a party, if you think all they do is play music, you are very mistaken, every DJ studies the guest and the dance floor also feels the vibe and matches the playlist there and then, that's not all, there's all the planning with the couple, timing the first dance, planning the screens with all parties (couple and photographer) and organising equipment to be loaded into the vans then unloading at the venue, some venues don't even have lifts so just imagine carrying all the heavy equipment up the stairs then down again at the end, I am sure there are many other jobs that I am not even aware of. What I am saying is they all work very hard to ensure the wedding celebrations are remembered not only by the couple but all the guests.

So let's not forget the fantastic work the Wedding Djs do and give them our love, Why not pick up the phone or message a DJ today and say that you are thinking about them.

To all the DJs I have worked alongside and all the ones I will in the future " hang in there and see you real soon at the next gig also please turn that haze machine off for the first dance ;-)" XX

Paul Tak

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