Mana's Pre party

Mana's pre party was held at The City Pavilion at Romford, little did the venue know, that this family know how to party.

Before the party started the family had to do the Mayian ceremony this is normally done

"one day before the wedding, the ceremony of Mayian is performed at the couple's respective homes. The prospective bride or groom is seated on a wooden plank called a patri, and a red cloth is held above by four female relatives, while married women of the household and biradari, led by the mother, rub paste of turmeric, flour and Mustard oil on his/her face, arms and legs. During the ritual women sing traditional songs and those of the biradari receive the ritual gift of gogley (Punjabi sweets specially cooked for weddings at the end of the ceremony)." - Wikipedia

Once this was done it was time to serve the starters to all the guests, also myself and the team had a table to sit at, so we could also eat the amazing food that was served.

Now it was time for the Jaggo

"In Jaggo ceremony, the family dances and sings on the road in front and around the beautifully decorated wedding home. Jaggo is in the last hours of the night. Copper vessels called "gaffers" are decorated with divas (clay lamps), filled with mustard oil, and lit. The bride/bridegroom's maternal aunt (mammi) carries it on her head, and another lady carries a long stick with bells, which she shakes. The ladies then go into other friends' and families' homes to be welcomed with sweets and drinks. They dance there and move on. It is a solemn ceremony filled with joy, dancing, fireworks, and food." - Wikipedia

Mana and the whole family danced right up till the mains was served, not once was the dance floor empty, even when mains were on the table a few people kept dancing. Once the guests finished the mains course, it was back to the dance floor, this time to really get the floor moving (not that it needed it) out came the dhol players.

Photographer on the day Paul Tak

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